Jinhua Kexin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech medical technology enterprise dedicated to the research and development, design, production and sales of new multifunctional elderly electric products. The companys main products are:
1. Multifunctional electric wheelchairs for the elderly
Research and development: 1 360-degree universal rotating manual control and brushed and brushless sine wave drivers
2 APP remote control
3 Brushless motor, brushless hub motor with built-in brake
4 The whole machine has the functions of lifting, lying on the bed, standing and physiotherapy, etc.
2. Elderly and scooter control system. High-power brushless dual-drive and brushless hub motors replace single-drive axles, which are easy to operate and move freely.
3. Newly created shower control system for nursing homes
4. Design and develop a multi-variety remote control drive control system for golf carts and apply it to medical devices
Trucks, work chairs, etc. in machinery and other fields.

Old peoples scooter
Golf charter
Equipment bar
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Company: Jinhua Kexin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Lu
Mailbox: avacehang@163.com
Website: www.kxylm.com
Address: 2nd Floor, Building 6, No. 505, Jinyuan Street, Duhu Street, Jindong District, Jinhua City


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